Info Session: Algorithmic Trading Certificate (ATC): A Practitioner’s Guide: Wednesday 17th April, 18.30


Level up your career: Understanding advanced trading strategies, Impact of Machine Learning and methods for research into new alpha sources.

What is covered in this information Session?

Information Session: Algorithmic Trading Certificate: A Practitioner’s Guide
Introduction from Geoff Brown, WBS Training, Global Head of Business Development.
Presentation by Course Leaders: Nick Firoozye & Brian Healy.
Followed by a Q&A

The goal of this class is to provide students with a strong foundation in algorithmic trading as well as the tools and techniques used in the industry. The class will cover everything from basic programming concepts to advanced trading strategies and methods for research into new alpha sources. Students will have the opportunity to apply what they learn in hands-on projects throughout the course.

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12 Lecture Weeks:
Module 1: Intro and Industry Overview
Module 2: Data and Features
Module 3: Statistics and Time Series
Module 4: Machine Learning
Module 5: Trend Following
Module 6: Carry and Volatility Strategies
Module 7: Mean Reversion
Module 8: Forecasting Models and Factor Investing
Module 9: Order Execution and Market Making
Module 10: Portfolio Theory and Allocation
Module 11: Backtesting and Performance
Module 12: Risk Management

📅 12 Lecture Weeks

💻 Online

✔ Final Project + Certificate

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Saturday, 23 March, 2024