The Quantitative Finance Conference - Spring Edition, 22nd – 30th March 2021

The Quantitative Finance Conference - Spring Edition, 22nd – 30th March 2021

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Revisit the Spring Edition of The Quantitative Finance Conference, originally presented: Monday 22nd March – Tuesday 30th March 2021. 

Welcome to our new event for 2021: 2 streams, 40+ world class speakers, over 7 days. 

Selected Speakers:

  • VLADIMIR PITERBARG: MD, Head of Quantitative Analytics and Quantitative Development, NatWest Markets
  • PETER CARR: Professor and Dept. Chair of FRE Tandon, New York University
  • LAURA BALLOTTA: Reader, Financial Mathematics, Cass Business School
  • ALEXEI KONDRATYEV: Managing Director, Head of Data Analytics, Standard Chartered Bank
  • ALEXANDER SOKOL: Executive Chairman and Head of Quant Research, CompatibL
  • DAMIANO BRIGO: Chair in Mathematical Finance and Stochastic Analysis, Imperial College London, Dept. of Mathematics
  • IGOR HALPERIN: AI Research Associate, Fidelity Investments
  • MATTHEW DIXON: Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • PAUL BILOKON: Founder, CEO, Thalesians & Senior Quantitative Consultant, BNP Paribas
  • IOANA BOIER: Head of Quantitative Portfolio Solutions, Alphadyne Asset Management
  • KATHRIN GLAU: Lecturer in Financial Mathematics, Queen Mary University of London
  • PETTER KOLM: Professor, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
  • RYAN FERGUSON: Founder & CEO, Riskfuel
  • ANDREY CHIRIKHIN: Head of Structured Credit QA, Barclays Investment Bank
  • HANY FARAG: Senior Director, Head of Methodology and Analytics, Capital Markets Risk Management, CIBC
  • ALEXANDRE ANTONOV: Chief Analyst, Danske Bank
  • ARTUR SEPP: Head of Research, Quantica Capital AG
  • NEDEEN ALSHARIF: PhD Student in Quantum Computing, UCL
  • GORDON LEE: XVA and Capital Quantitative Analyst, UBS
  • STÉPHANE CRÉPEY: Professor of Mathematics Université de Paris, Laboratoire de Probabilités, Statistique et Modélisation
  • IVAN ZHDANKIN: Systematic Trading, JPMorgan Chase & Co
  • IGNACIO RUIZ: Founder & CEO, MoCaX Intelligence
  • DAVID JESSOP: Head of Investment Risk, Columbia Threadneedle Investments EMEA APAC

Day 1 Streams: 

  • Machine Learning
  • Rates & Libor Reform

Day 2 Streams:

  • AI
  • xVA

Day 3 Streams:

  • Deep Learning / Neural Networks
  • Quantum Computing

Day 4 Streams:

  • Machine Learning
  • Quantum Computing

Day 5 Streams:

  • Volatility & Options
  • Portfolio & Trading Strategies

Plus a 2 day Workshop:

  • “Practical Machine Learning for Quantitative Finance”