Large Language Models (LLM's) in Finance Certificate (AIFI)

20% Super Early Bird Discount until Friday 26th April 2024.


📆 Duration:
8 Lecture Weeks
8 - 10 Hours Weekly: Time Commitment
Weekly recorded lectures accessible any time, from any global location, in your educational portal.

💻 Online e-Learning
🌐 Global audience
🕛 Self-paced

✔ Final Project + Certificate
🤖 Students will have the opportunity to apply what they learn in a real world project.

💡 Faculty:
Dedicated Faculty Support available every step of the way. Weekly seminar & student forum.

🦉 Early Bird Discounts
20% Friday 26th April
10% Friday 24th May

📊 Certificate:
Students are awarded The Artificial Intelligence Finance Institute’s (AIFI) LLM Certificate.


  • Introduction to LLMs
  • Applications and Limitations of LLMs
  • Advanced Techniques with LLMs
  • Quantization and Sharding for LLMs
  • Fine-Tuning and RAG Introduction
  • Deep Dive into RAG and Evaluation
  • LLMs Agents, AI Safety and Finance Examples
  • Practical Applications and Real World Project
  • Real World Project