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Bitcoin: The Distributed Public Ledger Revolution and the Future of Money


Bitcoin: the Distributed Public Ledger Revolution and the Future of Money

Presenter: Ferdinando M. Ametrano: Milan Bicocca University - Department of Statistics and Quantitative Methods; QuantLib; Banca IMI - IntesaSanpaolo Group

Video Lectures

Session 1. Running Time: 1hr 1min

Session 2. Running Time: 1hr 10mins

Session 3. Running Time: 1hr 26mins

Session 4. Running Time: 41mins

1) Bitcoin Primer

  • Origin and history
  • Economy
  • Opinions
  • Currency and protocol
  • Decentralized Database
  • Addresses and Transactions
  • Wallets and Mining

2) The Block Chain

  • UTOX, Merkle Trees
  • Hashing and Public Key Cryptography
  • Transaction Scripts
  • Transactions types
    • Multisignature
  • The Byzantine’ General’s Problem
  • Alternative uses of the blockchain
  • Alt-coins

3) About Money

  • Medium of exchange
  • Store of value
  • Unit of account
  • Gold
  • Hayek denationalization of money
  • Money supply and Price Stability
  • Inflation, deflation
  • Hayek Money
  • Fisher Money
  • Seigniorage Shares

4) Business Ecosystem

  • Money transfer
  • Exchanges
  • Payment processors
  • Wallets
  • Multisignature escrow services
  • Mining
  • ATMs
  • Cryptocurrency and Financial Institutions
  • Regulatory and tax treatment



Published date

19 January 2015



Presenter Bio

Ferdinando Ametrano

Ferdinando Ametrano is a cryptocurrency researcher, with a focus on price stability. He is the founder of the Hayek Money project, advocating automated non-discretionary elastic monetary policy for a new generation of cryptocurrencies. He is also founder and co-administrator of the QuantLib project, a comprehensive free/open-source software framework for quantitative finance. He teaches Interest Rate Derivatives as Adjunct Professor at the University of Milan-Bicocca. Senior quant in the interest rate and credit financial engineering team at Banca IMI (IntesaSanpaolo Group), he oversees rate curves and fixed income clearing tools. Previously he headed quantitative and risk-management teams in Banca IMI, Banca Caboto and Monte Paschi Asset Management; he has also been co-founder and managing partner of RiskMap (now StatPro Italia).