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WEBINAR: Cost of Collateral for Clearing by Dmitry Pugachevsky


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Presented by Dmitry Pugachevsky: Director of Research, Quantifi

Recent regulations significantly increased collateral requirements for cleared trades. We will look at different capital costs arising from clearing and will compare them with  costs for OTC trades

  • IMC – cost of funding Initial Margins
  • VMC – cost of funding Variation Margins
  • Analysis of total cost of Clearing and comparison with OTC costs
  • Reasons OTC trading will continue
  • Converging between OTC and Clearing funding costs

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Published date

27 November 2014



Presenter Bio

Dmitry Pugachevsky

Dmitry Pugachevsky is a Director of Research with Quantifi, Inc., a specialist provider of analytics, trading and risk management solutions, where he is responsible for managing global research efforts. Prior to joining Quantifi in 2011, Dmitry was a Managing Director and a head of Counterparty Credit Modeling at JP Morgan. Before starting with JPMorgan in 2008 Dmitry was a global head of Credit Analytics of Bear Stearns for seven years. Prior to that, he worked for eight years with analytics groups of Bankers Trust and Deutsche Bank. Dr. Pugachevsky received his PhD in applied mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has published several papers and book chapters on modeling counterparty credit risk and pricing derivatives instruments.