​​​​From Statistics to Machine Learning by Ivan Zhdankin (MLI)

From Statistics to Machine Learning by Ivan Zhdankin (MLI)

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"From Statistics to Machine Learning"

Statistics and Econometrics:

  • Under given probabilistic assumptions estimate parameters of the model
  • Focus on significance of the parameters and the derivation of the distributions

Supervised Machine Learning:

  • In supervised machine learning one focuses on the accuracy of the predictions
  • Probabilistic assumptions are not necessarily

Format: (20 minutes presentation)

Lecture: Ivan Zhdankin: Systematic Trading, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

This lecture will be in English with written translation to Spanish (via Microsoft translator) .

Panel: (40 minutes debate)


  • Rocio Villegas: Central Bank, Colombia
  • Claudia Arellano: Data & Analytics Manager, Everis
  • Nohora Galán Navarro: Data Science, Whale & Jaguar
  • Juan Félix Pascual: Founder and Data Science Specialist, Loopa

In Spanish with written translation to English (via Microsoft translator).