Need for Speed: Technology Challenges for OTC Derivatives by Andrew Green

Need for Speed: Technology Challenges for OTC Derivatives

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Presented by Andrew Green: Managing Director and XVA Lead Quant - ‎Scotiabank

The business of derivatives is becoming a technology race. Prior to the 2007-2009 crisis, much of the focus of technology development for derivatives was centred on exotic products such as callable libor structures and CDOs. After the crisis the market for exotic derivatives collapsed, but quants realised that so-called vanilla derivative products were actually far more complex than previously thought. Presently it takes unprecedented computational power just to compute the bare minimum, not to mention being at the front line. To make it even more challenging, the upcoming regulation is going to stretch computational needs even further.

In this seminar two of the most authoritative names in the Derivatives space will share their views with us.

Andrew Green will walk us through the three key technology challenges for derivatives that have been created by the post-crisis banking environment:

  • Implementing Regulatory Change

  • XVA Measurement

  • Automation and Intelligent Systems

Successfully meeting these challenges will be critical to the future of derivative markets.