Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Annual Subscription Service?

From December 2014 The Quants Hub will offer an subscription service giving members access to over 300 hours of lectures, 10 programming school courses, our e-learning multi-choice question bank and online exercises. This service will be offered in a premium member, access all areas format.

How can I purchase a video workshop, programming school course or knowledge test?

You do this in the usual way by adding products to your cart and proceeding to the checkout. The more videos you add, the greater discount level you will automatically receive. Video workshops can also be purchased using Corporate Credits or you can access all Quants Hub products by using the subscription service

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes, if you work for a financial institution we can invoice you. 

Where can I find any purchased products when logged in?

All purchased products will live in your "Members Area" and then "My Library" section of the quants hub. 

Which computer and browser do I require to watch the video workshops?

You require a reliable internet connection to watch the videos and all modern computers should work fine. The following browsers are supported:

Please use the most up to date browser to avoid any potential technical issues.

How do I pay for quants hub products?

The regular payment method is by credit or debit card (Stripe or PayPal). In particular cases only, invoices can be issued for payment can to be made by bank transfer or cheque.

Is a discount provided on workshop prices for full-time students and educational institutions?

Yes, there's a full-time academic discount available.We offer full-time academics a 50% discount on all the subscription services. To receive your 50% discount code please email us: sales@quantshub.com  

How can I provide reviews on the workshop videos?

Each workshop can be reviewed after purchase using the star comment box located on the workshop video pages.

What is included in the workshop price?

The complete full day video workshop, the workshop presentation slides, any additional software the workshop may have come with, access the forum and Live Global Q&A Webinar.

What is included in the The Programming School course price?

The Programming School includes: all video lectures, any additional software the course may have come with, the presentation slides, all in-course exercises, any mulit-choice questions that are part of specific courses, 2 live webinars with the presenter, a course forum and if you pass CPD points and full PRMIA certification. 

Do I recieve workshop updates?

The workshop material for each specific product will be updated from time to time, with additional new material from the presenters. If you have purchased the workshop within a 3 month period you will automatcially recieve any updates complimentary in the 'My Library' section.  

What is your refund policy?

We assess refund requests on a case-by-case basis. In certain situations Corporate Credits may be issued instead of a refund.

Where can I locate a list of current and upcoming workshops, programming school courses and knowledge tests?

Visit our the shop and programming school to view the full list of all products currently available and due for release at a later date.. 

Who can I contact for further information and queries?

Please contact us on +44 1273 201 352 or email at: sales@quantshub.com