London: Quantum Computing in Finance Conference, Thursday 21st November

London: Quantum Computing in Finance Conference, Thursday 21st November

WBS Training are delighted to announce our new event for 2019: Quantum Computing in Finance Conference.

This conference will introduce the current trends and impacts in financial markets and where quantum computing fits in:

  • What is a quantum computer?
  • Examine the quantum computing hardware landscape
  • Financial industry applications
  • Potential financial industry applications
  • Relevant quantum algorithms
  • Optimization: Dynamic portfolio rebalancing
  • Machine Learning: GANs and Nash equilibrium
  • Monte Carlo: Derivative pricing and risk
  • Quantum annealing for machine learning: Applications in finance
  • Quantum mechanics-based methods for option pricing



QxBranch is a data analytics and quantum computing software company founded in 2014, based in Washington DC with offices in London, UK, and Adelaide, Australia. We specialize in data analytics services and the development of quantum computing technology.

QxBranch serves commercial enterprise customers in the finance, insurance, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and media sectors with customized software to support analysis of pricing, risk, and customer behavior. We do this using the best available techniques and tools in data science and machine learning combined with high quality software engineering practices.