Distributed Ledger Technology in Finance Certificate (DLT)

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have become an essential part of the Fintech field, gaining more and more traction in traditional finance. There are numerous Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) startups, job openings and internal corporate projects. However, most finance professionals are not proficient in this domain area and there is a lack of consistent educational resources. The Distributed Ledger Technology in Finance Certificate (DLT) will close this gap.

The Distributed Ledger Technology in Finance Certificate (DLT) is a 12 week qualification comprising of 3 modules, 12 lecture weeks, 3 assignments, a practical final project and a final sit down 3 hour examination using our global network of examination centres. This course has been designed to empower individuals who work in or are seeking a career in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency or Distributed Ledger Technology in finance. The DLT is a career-enhancing professional qualification, that can be taken worldwide.


12 lecture weeks live in London or globally online.


10-12 learning hours per week. 2 – 3 hour lectures.


Final Project, 3 assignments and 3 hour Examination


NEXT COHORT STARTS: Tuesday 16th May 2019

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This course will help finance professionals understand Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) domain area main concepts, trends and get prepared for:

  • Relevant job opportunities
  • DLT-based projects
  • DLT domain-specific investment research
  • Upskill your employees

Weeks 1-4:  Distributed Ledger Architecture

  • Introduction to cryptography
  • Decentralization and smart contracts
  • Network architecture
  • Guest lecture: To be confirmed

Home assignment: white paper analysis for every student

  • Home assignment review seminar

Weeks 4-8:  DLT domain projects review, research and classification

  • DLT domain projects overview and research
  • DLT business models
  • Market dynamics
  • Guest lecture: To be confirmed

Home assignment due-diligence for a chosen project

  • Home assignment review seminar

Weeks 8-12:  DLT and Fintech Regulation

  • Fintech policy overview (US, UK, EU, Malta)
  • Cryptocurrency regulation (US, UK, EU, Malta)
  • Cryptocurrency Taxation (US, UK, EU, Malta)
  • Guest lecture: To be confirmed

Home assignment: DLT use-case idea research and pitch

  • Home assignment review seminar

Final project: write a white-paper or business plan for a new DLT project or automation of a business process within an existing business.

  • Final project review seminar

Qualification Examination

After Completing the DLT Certificate, You will have the knowledge to…

Run DLT-based projects in your company:

You will be equipped with knowledge of DLT technology mechanics, latest trends in the field, main players and understanding of domain-specific risks.

Do your own investment research:

You will understand price mechanics and trends, know main sources of credible information and will be proficient to form your own view about the industry.

Perform due diligence of potential partners and service providers:

You will be equipped with detailed framework on how to evaluate a company and understand risks and strengths associated with it.

Be ready for job interviews:

You will know what typical questions are asked on interview and how to apply to the best employers in the field.