The Artificial Intelligence Finance Institute (AIFI)

The Artificial Intelligence Finance Institute (AIFI) Summer bootcamp

New York City: New dates announced soon!

Our mission is to produce, promote and expand the use and knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Finance. We have a team of top academics and practitioners to help institutions and professionals to learn, implement and use Artificial Intelligence in Finance.

This summer school covers the theory, implementation and use of Artificial Intelligence models in finance. Participants will learn the mathematical and statistical aspects of the modern quantitative analysis modeling. We will see machine learning models theory and practical implementations. We will provide AI python code and extensive materials.



  • 6 Days program –   Artificial Intelligence in Finance Certificate
  • Lectures : New York City, 5th – 10th August 2019. 09.00 am – 06.00 pm
  • 45 Hours : Lectures + Practice + Speakers
  • Evaluation : Exam + Project
  • Course Fee : $2,295.00
  • $229.50 saving until Friday July 5th 2019


This course is for :

  • Quantitative Analysts
  • Computer Scientists
  • Risk Management
  • Traders or Investment Managers
  • Data scientists

We  will give a Python Refresher and Mathematics Refresher/ Primer  at the beginning of the course.


Artificial Intelligence and quantitative investment techniques are disrupting investment management in unprecedented ways. We are seeing the evidence all around us. In the hedge fund industry, 8 of the top 10 largest managers are now quantitatively focused. More and more fundamental managers are announcing their adoption of quantitative and AI techniques.

Investment professionals who know how to implement AI tools are in demand, yet there is a gap in training and education for those wanting to enter the field. Though it is not hard to find general AI classes and non-technical finance classes, it is not easy to find these two disciplines successfully integrated. Moreover, AI in investment management is different and more complex than AI applied to non-investment disciplines, and the tools are rapidly evolving.

By assembling a faculty comprised of the rare breed of academic thought leaders and practitioners of AI in finance, supplement with other global thought leaders in AI, AIFI seeks to help students use these cutting edge tools effectively in their investment careers. The certificate will demonstrate a world class education and competency in what will be the future of investment management that will be revered by investors and asset managers.