Online: Financial Markets 2018: Rise of the Machines, the next frontier of finance Course

Online: Financial Markets 2018: Rise of the Machines, the next frontier of finance Course
8 week course starts: Thursday 12th April 2018
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Outline & Timings

This workshop is available Globally Online.

Start Time: 17.30 BST

Week 1: Thursday 12th April 2018 

Modern Market structure looking beyond 2020: The rise of alternative technology, marketplaces, and products such as exchange traded derivatives, and crypto currencies. 

  • Exchanges, Clearing houses, and Collateral
  • Exchange traded & OTC derivative landscape
  • Crypto currencies dynamics, offerings, and eco system
  • Blockchain, AI, and machine learning in trading, finance, and operations

Week 2: Thursday 19th April 2018 

Regulations, Donald Trump, Brexit, and Red Flag Risk Factors- Studying the impacts on the capital markets 

  • MiFID II: One of the most seismic regulatory shifts in history affecting everything from research to dark pools
  • Who will be Bitcoin’s ultimate regulator: Future state of Crypto currency trading regulation
  • The Global LEI Initiative – The LEI is part of a much bigger market structure solution
  • Deregulation: a lose-lose game that would have serious consequences for the stability of the world financial system 

Week 3: Thursday 26th April 2018

Collateral Tidal Wave: Collateral usage today, tomorrow, and impeding shortfall.

  • Account segregation history: MF Global, LSOC, CFTC, CME, and John Corzine
  • Instant Payment? Ripple & MoneyGram’s XRP digital currency
  • What can China do to help the global collateral exchange?
  • Exploring the impact and rule set for non-cleared margin regulation

Week 4: Thursday 3rd May 2018

Crypto-currency evolution, use cases, exploring hype vs. sustainability

  • Crypto-currency trading, and the regulatory response
  • Case Study: Omega One ,leading crypto-asset agency brokerage for asset managers and institutional investors
  • Ethereum and SMART contracts: The winning model for settlement in the future.
  • Case Study: Silk Road & Dread Pirate- the complete story- and how the illegal marketplace changed market and trading history

Week 5: Thursday 10th May 2018

Exchanges, Clearing houses, Market Share & Industry battles and future winners

  • Case Study: Quantile Technologies Ltd & compression. Reducing risk in the $600 trillion derivatives market.
  • Case study: OpenDoor- tackling the illiquidity problem with bond trading
  • Case Study: BitMEX, a cryptocurrency exchange changing market structure forever.
  • The Future of Libor & ISDAfix: a Review of the Libor manipulation scandal and how  the rate will be assembled in the future

Week 6: Thursday 17th May 2018 

HFT, Connectivity, & AI in Trading- Have we hit a wall? How competitors have reached critical mass

  • Combating HFT? IEX launches HFT proof exchange, reviewing the offering and why it works and why it doesn't matter anymore.
  • Chicago Stock Exchange: The new hub for China stock trading?
  • Case Study: No more traders? How market leader JPM is automating almost their entire worldwide trading business – eventually
  • Case Study: Hedge Fund Renaissance & Artificial Intelligence greatest success story in the Markets- How Renaissance’s Medallion Fund Became Finance’s Blackest Box

Week 7: Thursday 24th May 2018 

The future of financial crimes and prosecution, what is fair game? 

  • Lessons from the World’s largest Cryptocurrency Heists
  • Case Study: Snitching on Wall Street. Informant Double-Crossed the FBI
  • The CFTC &  DRW: Trading manipulation lawsuit &  “Banging-the-Close”
  • Is the VIX Being Gamed? VIX trading and ongoing manipulation in the volatility index market 

Week 8: Thursday 31st May 2018 

Blockchain and other game changing Fintech offerings

  • Blockchain live: ASX Ltd. processing equity transactions powered by Blockchain & Digital Asset Holdings
  • Your sandbox or mine? A review of current offerings and initiatives from Axoni, Digital Asset Holdings, Symbiont, R3 and Chain
  • The Ethereum Blockchain & zero-knowledge proof:  Adding a level of privacy encryption
  • Case Study:  AirSwap- The worlds first decentralized exchange utilizing Blockchain technology

Instructor: Sol Steinberg

Sol Steinberg is a OTC Markets Subject Matter Expert and specializes in Risk Management, OTC derivatives, Market structure, Collateral, Trade Lifecycle, Valuation, Financial Technology Systems, Strategic development, and Monetization.

Sol is the founding principle of his firm, OTC partners. OTC partners is a boutique value add firm that specializes in research, content, development.  Before starting OTC Partners Sol was a senior executive at the world’s leading clearing house LCH.Clearnet.  Sol also spent nine years on the buy side and Citi, performing product development, risk management, and valuation for the OTC markets.

Sol has a wide-ranging network of asset managers, analytic providers, execution venues, regulatory, and government contacts.  He used his eco system to successfully commercialize analytics, data, and other non commercialized intellectual property and had significant monetization success. He brought to market several initiatives, including institutional and commercial risk engines such as SMART tool, Risk Explorer, Global Market Risk System for Citi: the largest VaR engine in the world from 2004 to 2006, as well as developing CCP2 – a derivative education & certification program for leading consultancies. Sol also contributed to OTC industry’s clearing and default management policies for the cleared OTC swap markets as well as contributed to industry standard risk analytics in times of low market rates.


Waters Magazine’s award “Best risk analytics initiative 2012” &  “Best risk analytics initiative  (Sell Side) 2013” 

FTF’s award for “Most cutting edge risk contribution 2013” for developing the SMART risk analytics tool.

Global nominee in 2012 for “Best Practices in Global Financial Risk Management” from PRMIA, Professional Risk Managers International Association.

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