New York City: Model Management Workshop: ML, AI, & Prescriptive Analytics within Business Design & Control Constraints, February 26th & 27th 2018

Model Management Workshop: ML, AI, & Prescriptive Analytics within Business Design & Control Constraints

New York City: February 26th & 27th 2018

SPECIAL OFFERS: 20% Super Early Bird Discount Until Friday, February 2nd 2018. When 2 colleagues attend the 3rd goes free!



Every company now practices and competes with high-performance analytics  where they analyze, optimize, profitize, individually customize, and instantly digitize products shorting development and implementation of business strategy and information support.


Models and aggregated data are the areas that are white hot and growing exponentially the last few years. Today prescriptive analytics - machine learning and artificial intelligence - are critical components along with valuable informational assets that are leading the way to what will and what can be made to happen to accelerate business activity velocity. As important   are the speed governors of regulatory scrutiny bodies and barriers of personal data privacy and cyber security. The industry’s greatest concern and benefit is the constraints of proper design, implementation, use, performance, and controls over algorithms and analytics restricting their operational boundaries. 

A enterprise’s success depends on its ability to model and analyze data efficiently and effectively in ways that uncover both risks and opportunities. Being able to  analyze critical information and prescribe  outcomes is of extreme importance and must be supporting by solid model and data management framework operating over modern  infrastructure.

Attendees can interact with speakers and their peers in a classroom setting that encourages both participation and engagement. Seating for this conference is limited to maintain an intimate educational environment that will cultivate the knowledge and experience of all participants.


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Tuesday, 28 November, 2017