Welcome to “Around Commodities” not only are we professional experts, geeks in our field when it comes to “Price Risk Management” but we’re deeply passionate about all things commodities related. We’re stopping at nothing to build the ultimate platform around commodities. We offer proprietary solutions, including educational tools for the complete novice, to more advanced solutions for the intermediate or seasoned commodity professional. 

So why should you place your trust in us? Why should you care about “Around Commodities” ?

It’s simple, because we’re you’re front line and last line of commodity price risk management defense. We’ve studied in detail the price risks you face every day. We’re continuously, dreaming up, designing, testing, implementing solutions to help you mitigate, manage those commodity price risks.

  • We know how mission critical your job is.
  • We know the price risks you face.
  • We know in the agro-food industry, you’re left to manage your price risk with crude market-based tools, without smartly facilitating your entry into / and knowledge of, these markets.
  • We know there is increased risk and rapidly rising uncertainty in and around commodity markets.
  • We know you have to cope with the pressures of uncertainty day in day out, week in week out, month in month out, year in year out. Everything from rising geopolitical instabilities to increasing risks of climate change.  Financial risk, economic risk, competitive risk, the list is endless.
  • We know risk is everywhere you look and whilst we understand chaos and complexity is an inherent part of nature, price risk volatility does seem to be on the increase.  
  • We know that today’s markets have never been more integrated, more interconnected. Energy, financial, political, social, economic, environment all closely intertwine, all affect prices of agricultural commodities. An example being biofuels: Food versus Fuel; some say are necessary, others, a politically motivated gimmick. All we know is, this further adds to the complexity, complications of your commodity related life.
  • We also know commodity speculators can make your life hell without you even knowing it, thus adding further complications.
  • We know political interventions or interference can increase price risks in commodities exponentially.  

We believe in providing you 24/7, 365 turn key support when it comes to managing your price risk in commodities.

We truly believe with increasing global commodity price volatility, with increasing uncertainty, increasing complexity our price risk management solutions are an absolute necessity making your life a little simpler.    

Around Commodities offers you: Latest News and Views, Accurate Data, Thorough Analysis, Robust Tools and finally, the Ultimate Social Community Experience. A wide range of integrated services and solutions to help you better understand and manage commodity price risks.

Get in touch now and make your life that little bit easier in a price volatile, commodity complex world!